When selling a property there are many important procedures and steps to follow. The selling process can be an overwhelming experience and requires precision and expert advice.​

We can assist you with:

Contract Preparation

Before you can advertise your property for sale, it is a legal requirement to have a Contract for Sale for viewing by prospective purchasers. We can prepare the contract for you expeditiously and ensure that all necessary documents are attached and your legal obligations are met.

Visit NSW Fair Trading website to ensure your are prepared for the sale of your property.

Contract Negotiation

When you find a buyer, we will assist you with the negotiation of the terms of sale and amend the contract accordingly.

Exchange of Contracts

Once you and your buyer agree to the terms of sale, we will liaise with you, your selling agent and the buyer's representative to have the contract signed by you and the counter copy of the contract signed by the buyer. The buyer will pay a deposit to your selling agent's trust account. At this point the contracts are compared to ensure both copies are identical and then dated. The agreement between you and your purchaser is now legally binding.

Different rules apply to exchange of contracts depending whether the property is sold at auction or by private treaty.

Post Exchange and Settlement

After the contracts have been exchanged, our focus shifts to preparation for settlement. Settlement is the day you will legally transfer the ownership of the property to your purchaser. It usually takes place within six weeks from the date the contracts are exchanged. We will liaise with you, your lender and the purchaser's representative to ensure settlement is completed on time.